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MASBBM received its determination letter from the IRS in August 2012, stating that we are now a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization. This is exciting news, as it opens up many opportunities that were closed to the Society before, such as public and private grants and allowing contributors to receive a tax deduction for their donations. The status is effective October 17, 2011. MASBBM thanks the Community Law Center in Baltimore, MD, and Gregory Bridges, Esq., for providing pro bono legal services that helped us submit a strong application to the IRS.




USUHS Flier for Qualifying Veterans | Mary Lee Esty, Ph.D. David Keyser, Ph.D.

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USUHS Flier info


Neurotherapy for pain in veterans with trauma spectrum disorders | Nelson, D and Esty, ML

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Pain Abstract Info




Neurotherapy for Chronic TBI/PTSD Symptoms in
Vietnam Veterans: PDF

Nelson, D and Esty, ML
Neurotherapy for Chronic TBI/PTSD Symptoms in
Vietnam Veterans: PDF

Nelson, D and Esty, ML

Neurotherapy of Traumatic Brain Injury/
Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in
OEF/OIF Veterans: PDF

David V. Nelson, Ph.D. and
Mary Lee Esty, Ph.D.


Flexyx Neurotherapy System in
the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury: An Initial Evaluation: PDF

Nancy E. Schoenberger, Samuel C. Shiflett, Mary Lee Esty, Len Ochs, Robert J. Matheis

Neurotherapy for TBI:
A CAM Intervention: PDF

David V. Nelson, Mary Lee Esty

Neurofeedback & biofeedback with
37 migrainuers: a clinical
outcome study

Deborah A. Stokes and
Martha S. Lappin




Letter from the Dean at Universidad Pontificia
de Salamanca

In November 2006, former MASBBM President Manuel Morales taught a 16-hour course on Neurofeedback at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain.

One hundred and sixty students received certificates from the MASBBM.

Click here for a letter
from the University's Dean of the Psychology Department.

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